Me For Mine Experience

A creative me time experience for a busy woman needing healthy breaks from monotonous to-dos in womanhood.

Me For Mine

A creative me time experience for busy women needing healthy breaks from monotonous to-dos in womanhood.

Me For Mine

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Back To You

Tune-in and hear fellow busy women's stories on how they rediscovered their creative side. Be inspired to take your next step into YOU!

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Feeling alive again through mundane womanhood  can look like this...

A monthly reflective and creative experience in a box! Each box includes a lifestyle activity kit, 5 Steps Back To You Prompting Journal Cards, lifestyle item from a woman owned business and an affirmation accessory from Back To You Designs.  


Are you having trouble believing in yourself, your vision and your purpose? Let's chat! I will never forget the days when my head was foggy and full of question marks. I had to hit rock bottom before I crawled my way out. I understand and will join you, where you are at, with listening ears. I want to help you find your way like I have for other busy women finding their way back into feeling alive. You can read a few testimonials below. 


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