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Hi Friend

I'm Dana!

Let me ask you something...

These questions might be hard to hear...and even harder to answer. I am inviting you to give yourself this moment. Be present with can feel safe here. 


Do you feel bored in monotony? 


Are you lacking energy and motivation?

Do you feel trapped or stuck? and you are afraid to even admit that? 

Are you curious if you could be less isolated? 


I know exactly where you are. 

DANAROWAN-79 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Before finding my creative side of life, I was bored and drained. Life felt monotonous and mundane; like you, I was stuck.


After years of dedicating myself to a


marriage and a

family... I lost my spark. Even after achieving my dreams, there was still something missing.


I will never forget sitting at the kitchen table with my husband on a Saturday afternoon. The kids were napping and I admitted I was depressed, I lost myself, I knew something had to change.


I told him I was isolated and I needed friendships and creative outlets. I needed more, to be more for our family.


I didn't have anything to look forward to for myself or anything to be proud of as a woman.


My energy and motivation were drained by life’s demands and societal pressures, scrolling and watching everyone else's life. 


I felt trapped with no vision or clarity for what I needed to do to be happier. 


I tried everything: changes to my lifestyle, my routine. They were all band-aids. Nothing worked. 


I demanded an opportunity for solitude and self reflection. It first started with making room for myself at home. Then it was a week in Hawaii, a change of scenery and space for paying attention to myself. Sitting on the airplane, I took advantage of this head space and made one decision, buying a sewing machine for an ongoing hobby.

PS. you don't need a trip to Hawaii, this just happened to be my coinkedink moment.

Finally, I stopped making excuses. I got started taking one arduous step at a time. I didn’t worry about the outcome. I didn’t worry about messing up. 


I found an effective way to communicate my need to be creative to my husband. I prioritized time and found things I could easily do with my kids present or while I was thinking about the never ending to do list. I blocked my time, set up my space so I could hop in and out when the creative juices started flowing.


My life changed dramatically and in a way I never knew was possible for me. I became happier, more light hearted, more fun.


I experienced less monotony; I always had something to look forward to and someone to talk to. 


I saw more joy in my life. I felt less of a burden on others and started manifesting a path of what I desired and was perfectly aligned with in my inner soul and purpose.


I attracted true friendships, connected in community and lived in abundance for the  opportunity to grow.


If you want tools for reconnecting with yourself and your creative spirit, I invite you join the "Creatively Back To You" energetic community.


We are joined together through sharing, inspiring and cheering on each other's unique journeys.


You may ask, "What does this mean for me?"



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You can also connect with me directly in three one hour breakthrough sessions, in which we will further tailor a unique plan to get you to a place where you feel re-inspired, free, and creatively connected to what brings you alive. 

Curious about getting started?


Click to learn more about ...

Share with your friends, family and every busy woman that wants a creative break.

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