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Creativity Chat

Back To You 

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Dana has been told many times... "You are like talking to a friend." Schedule a relaxed phone chat that will guide you in discovering your unique creativity.

Tune-in and hear inspiring stories of women sharing their journey back to creativity.

Share your creative story! Yes, you are creative. It's what you do that sparks your soul.

Share & Tag #creativelybacktoyou

Your creativity awaits...

Feeling creative as a busy woman AND doing it all for everyone , can begin here...

Get inspired...follow me on Instagram for a daily dose of encouragement.

Act on your curiosity... schedule a "Creativity Call".

Dive in, because you're monotonous life is meant for more...


Are you having trouble believing in your creativity, your vision and your purpose? Let's chat! I will never forget the days when my head was foggy and full of question marks. I had to hit rock bottom before I crawled my way out. I understand and will join you, where you are at, with listening ears. I want to help you find your way like I have for other busy women finding their way back to creativity and alive again. You can read a few testimonials below. 


Feel Alive Again!

Your next adventure is a simple one...a fun and energizing chat with me and your hidden creative side. 

Break through walls, barriers and limitations to unleash your creativity. NOT just one day, but EVERY busy day.

I will walk away wanting to ditch the scroll and jump into a hobby you have been dreaming about.

Share my website with your circle of gals. We all have space to be creative!

Feeling stuck?

Let's have a chat on a Creativity Call to peel back the layers on your creativity.


Feel confident taking your next step into feeling alive again as a busy woman!

Let's be friends!

Finding your creative energy can be tough! Let's keep in touch to start bringing it back to life.

Stay In The Loop!

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