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Step into your space for feeling alive again in womanhood...


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A conversation with Dana is truly a talk with a friend. Whether you need a boost through motherhood, professionally, or just need a bit of love to push yourself, Dana is there for you. This past year was hard on so many, but Dana took that time to improve herself and so many amazing women around her. Sadly, confidence is something I see so many women around me lacking, myself included, but Dana is always there to give that much-needed boost and she checks in to hold you accountable in the most loving way too! I was stuck in a motherhood rut. I had stayed home for nearly three years, dealt with anxiety, depression and longed for friendships. Dana welcomed me with open arms into her Mommies Move and Connect group, gave me space to be more than a mom, and encouraged me to apply for remote work when I was ready for that step. Truly, I owe so much of my current personal development and career successes to Dana. What an honor to know her and call her a friend!

- Tori

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